VaeV Tissue, Cold-Runner Virus Tissue Valued USD 84

Fahad Mulyana . January 28, 2019
We usually use tissue when a cold, and after using it, we will immediately throw it away. But it's different from, a startup from Copenhagen, Denmark. They even sell tissue that has been filled with viruses that cause colds. Unlike tissue in general, Vaev sells one box of tissue filled with this cold virus at a price of USD 80 or around Rp 1.1 million. The price is not cheap, isn't it, for a box of tissue filled with the disease? Virus tissue is a product of Vaev Tissue, a startup based in Los Angeles, United States. They sell virus tissue is not without purpose. This tissue is made so that consumers can schedule when they want to suffer from a cold. So the cold will not come suddenly when unexpected. And it is expected that along with its use users will be more resistant to cold viruses. All of this starts when there are Danish people who get colds, and he gets bored with just that treatment like injections and drugs. Starting from there Vaev was born in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Although now the company moved and built a headquarters in the center of Los Angeles. "The ability to manage anytime is a luxury where not everyone can do it," said CEO Vaev Tissue. "I mean, we can manage everything that happens in our lives. Even have everything as we want. So, why don't we take the same approach to disease? "Niessen said as quoted by the New York Post.

Expert opinion

Experts argue that this product is just rubbish. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology and environmental science at the University of Arizona, said that this tissue would not work because there are currently 200 kinds of rhinovirus that cause colds in nature. Even if the tissue makes it sick, the cause is only one in 200 viruses, so the body will not be immune to other viruses not contained in the tissue. For this reason, too, there is no vaccine to prevent colds. The Gerba also said we don't know how our body's reaction to the virus contained in the tissue so that infecting yourself with a cold virus can endanger lives.
Although this product is very strange, it is not scientifically tested, even expensive. Media Time has reported that this tissue has sold 1,000 boxes. What do you think about this diseased tissue that makes no sense? Source: Vaev Tissue
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