MoMath Museum, Turn Mathematics Into Fun

Fahad Mulyana . January 16, 2019
Image result for mo math museum Mathematics, almost all people stay away from this one lesson. Because you have to deal with various numbers, symbols, especially with complicated counts. But besides all that, math can turn out to be something fun you know! How? Located in Madison Square Park, New York City, United States. There is a museum that transforms lessons that are considered by many people as a terrible thing, which is fun. Called MoMath, the museum was founded by Glen Whitney, a mathematician from the United States. The museum has two floors with an area of 1,800 square meters, which was originally intended for students in grade 4 elementary school to 2 junior high school. However, this museum can still be enjoyed by anyone of any age. And featuring more than 30 exhibitions, with each interactive and colorful exhibition, which educates children about how mathematics plays a role in human daily life.
The game "Coaster Roller", for example, is a constant diameter oak-tree object even though it is not spherical, so the plastic sled can move easily on it. Or riding a bicycle that can move smoothly even though the wheels are square. Through this exhibition, children will be interested in learning mathematics in a different way and more fun than before. The museum has 700 visitors on its first opening day, and Lawrence said more than 400 school groups have registered their visits even though MoMath has not been widely introduced. Most visitors are interested in box wheeled bicycles, wondering "How can this bike run, while the wheels themselves are square?". You can make MoMath Museum as your preferred destination when the holiday season has arrived. Besides being fun, you can also add insight in a different way than before.
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