The Struggle When Travelling In A Snowy Day

Arya Diputra . January 28, 2019
Snow may look pleasant for us. Behind it, however, it is a living hell for drivers. Trains serve as the best public transportation to counter this situation. Science already proves that any vehicles that are not equipped with tracks fitted for winter will face disastrous consequences. Snowy day is where you will face your biggest fear and your biggest challenge on driving. Injury, deaths, collateral damage, even destruction of the vehicle are common at winter. Every morning when the road was covered in snow, there are always either truck or tractor with a snow plow to clear the road from the snow. On the train station, every train is equipped with snow plow so the next train can goes more smoothly from the first one. Technology is proven futile here and only science can help people able to survive this. That's why every people that used to live in winter always had the chains on the wheel. How dangerous when traveling on a snowy day?

Traveling in a Snowy Day is a real hell for drivers

Driving in snow is not recommended even for the experienced driver. Public transportation demand such as train rises dramatically thanks to those who understand the science. Every country that got winter season, it enters the hell season for driving. Most countries recorded that most accidents occur in winter. Mostly because of the vehicle not be able to maintain the traction and slipping away from the road. Science knows no mercy for this and not even technology can withstand this. Firefighter and Police are powerless to do this. Some country makes an edict or law where the official Tow trucker can be put to priority as well. In Highway thru hell, they are at the front line to keep the road clear. Most accidents happened because of the trucks and they are the perfect ones to handle this mess. Even we're equipped with chains on the wheel for more tractions, it's still not enough. Currently, there is no technology that allows us to cruise smoothly in winter. In that season, your only option is to travel by train since it's the only safest transportation for you to travel.
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