LG Shows Off LG Signature OLED TV R, 65in Rollable TV Screen in CES 2019

Adi Arriansyah . January 08, 2019

LG Signature OLED TV R. Credit: BGR
Teknologi.id - LG has just unveiled a 65in 4K television named LG Signature OLED TV R on Monday at CES 2019 that rolls up like a poster when it’s not in use.
An ultra-high definition LG Signature television that rolls into and out of a base stand—which also serves as a sophisticated sound bar—was among the stars at the South Korean consumer electronics titan's press event on the eve of the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show. If you try to roll up your current television set, the best case scenario is a voided warranty, so how is this possible? LG’s secret seems to be the paper-thin OLED (organic light emitting diode) display which is found in top-end smartphones and TVs.

LG Signature OLED TV R in Line View. Credit: BBC
That means – if you hadn’t guessed already – the first rollable television sets are likely to cost a fortune if and when they rattle off the production line. Questions like “when” and “how much” are for another day, however – for now, LG is just content to show that it has the technology, and it seems to work. LG hints that, in time, the giant TV set might be truly portable, making it a handy alternative to projectors for businesses and the perennially indecisive. For now, though, the TV just rolls down to sit in a soundbar-sized box underneath it.

Stop in certain positions

The TV is also capable of stopping in certain positions, which means if you want it to only show your music or even the weather you can have it displaying only a quarter of the display. You can also set it to cinema mode, which changes the aspect ratio of the panel and makes it an excellent choice for watching movies.
The Signature OLED TV R, a roll-up television, is presented ahead of the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show
The Signature OLED TV R, a roll-up television, is presented ahead of the official start of the Consumer Electronics Show 2019
Those with long memories will recall that LG actually showed off a rollable TV screen at CES 2016, but there was one key difference: at 18in, it was smaller than most computer monitors, and wasn’t ready for prime position in the living room. In the intervening two years, LG certainly seems to have made big strides. Whether those strides are big enough to see it enter mass production and move to store shelves anytime soon is currently a mystery. (DWK)
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