DUO, Portable Extra Screen to Boost Productivity

Fahad Mulyana . December 06, 2018
Image result for mobile pixels Additional monitors for laptops will increase our productivity. Because the wide width allows us to work on many screens at the same time. But we cannot carry any monitor like carrying a laptop. But now, you can use a monitor to monitor. A startup from Boston has created a tablet monitor, light weight, and portable. Users can paste it on a laptop like a fridge magnet, allowing you to work outside but still use 2 screens. DUO is the first product from Mobile Pixels, a technology startup from Boston. They have raised USD 37,000 from Northeastern University and MIT to work on the product, which was first developed by Xiaoliang "Jack" Yao while on Amazon.
"When I interned at the Amazon workspace in Seattle, I didn't have a second monitor yet. So that slowed me down when doing programming tasks, "said Yao, a graduate from MIT. To start Mobile Pixels, Yao worked with Stephen Ng, and with product manager Shruti Banda. To use it first, users must attach the product to their laptop with four small magnets. The extra screen can be positioned on the left, right, even behind the laptop, of course the user needs to connect it to the laptop via a cable. After that the user just installs the DUO driver on the laptop. DUO Mobile Pixels is priced at USD 159, but for the retail price it will be between $ 219 to $ 299. Yao added that DUO only weighs 700gr, and of course this additional monitor is compatible with any operating system.
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