Real Racer, First Person View Racing Car

Fahad Mulyana . December 03, 2018
Image result for real racer kobotix Do you have a dream of becoming a racer? Are you bored with normal racing games? Real Racer is the solution! This game is a unique blend of miniatures, remote control toys, and cross reality. This remote car allows us to become a racer of toy cars, but of course through Virtual Reality technology.
This toy consists of three parts: a toy car, a remote unit, and a head-mounted display. Presentation of Real Racer is more or less the same as racing using drones. Users will feel the sensation of driving in a car that they control through a remote. Perspectives are presented in the first person's perspective via a high-definition camera on the back of a car. The car can accelerate at a maximum speed of 20km / h. Because it uses a 4WD system so that it can be played on various types of surfaces, it is also equipped with a suspension on each wheel. When the battery runs out, the replacement process is very easy thanks to the quick swap system. Real Racer can be ordered on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site, and the backers can even make their own car designs. These toys are sold starting at USD 97, which is planned to be distributed in the upcoming February 2019.
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