The Importance of Tsunami Buoy

Arya Diputra . December 26, 2018

Tsunami Buoy
After Tsunami hit Sunda Strait on Sunday, 23rd December 2018. The non-operational state of a tsunami buoy become one of the major factors and cause of more than 300 deaths. Tsunami buoy holds a significant role in the history of technology. Not only it can detect water displacements, but it also can tell anomaly surrounding it. So, why this buoy is really important for all of us?

Tsunami Buoy's Role

The role of Tsunami Buoy is very important. Not only it can detect the height of the wave, but when deploying in a large number, it can detect an anomaly. Through water dispersion reading technology, it can make readings and determine the situation on the ocean itself. If you have seen Battleship Movie, Captain Nagata use NOAA and water dispersion technology to track down the alien ship. Instead of radar, it uses the movement of a wave to track down enemy warships. The unusual reading will make them able to track down enemies location. The government can notice if there are some irregular pattern on buoy itself. High tide, storm, the buoy was made so it can read everything. Once they got the data, the government relay it to fisherman and anyone that lives near the sea to remain cautious.

Learning from Japan's Tsunami

Tohoku earthquake on tsunami become quite a feat for Japan. In total, they only suffer less than 25,000 casualties in total. Even the earthquake strikes at 9,0 Richter Scale and with a tsunami that can reach up to 40,5 meters in Myako prefecture and the tsunami wave reach 10 km inland, it was quite an achievement for Sakura Country. Japan's anticipation of natural disaster made them able to prepare for the worst case scenario. Even this combination natural disaster is unexpected for them, it's still quite a feat that Japan manages to reduce casualties. If this happens in Indonesia, the total casualties can exceed 100,000 due to unprepared for disaster. Tsunami Buoy also plays a role in this disaster. Not only it read the high tidal wave, but it can also send an immediate warning for people to evacuate. Through an efficient network, the warning gives people time to evacuate themself before tsunami strikes. Tsunami Buoy once again plays an important role every time a tsunami is approaching. When the government underestimates its value, the true value comes when the natural disaster strikes. The disaster can strike without expectations since nature is impossible to read entirely. (AMS)
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