Speedrunners, Player That Always Want to Finish As Fast as Possible

Arya Diputra . December 12, 2018
A player that likes to play and complete the games as soon as possible is called speedrunners. This often happens to a game that has a story mode. Speedrunners always try to complete the game regardless the challenge is. So, what is speedrunner about? Let's find out.

Finish the game as soon as possible

If you like to play Sly Cooper series, there is individual challenge known as Master Thief Challenge. It's like a speedrun challenge but with a unique way since you need to complete it in a set of time. This mode challenges player to avoid obstacles and clear the course as quickly as possible. Of course, some games can finish quick but developer sometimes want to make it more challenging. DOOM, for example, requires at least two and a half hours to complete a speedrun of Ultra-Nightmare Mode. Some games can be done in minutes while some can be done within hours. Following the advancement of development, the game developer company also tries to feed speedrunners with plenty of challenge. However, finishing the game as soon as possible it's already its own challenge.

Every Story Can Create Speedrun

Every game that was created by the developer always has speedrunners. Legend of Zelda, Company of Heroes, Megaman, and other game that has a story mode inside the game. Some game was made to settle in a fixed amount of time like Mission Mortain at Company of Heroes where you can't finish it earlier than a set amount of time. Some games are impossible to advance early since you may have to stay in one room for a long time, listening to whoever talks. Then, you can go out again once the access was given. Multiplayer games cannot create speedrun. Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Overwatch, Fortnite, those are an example of the game that can't create a speedrun challenge. Of course, the length of a speedrun is depending on the missions inside the game and how far is it. Some require the main requirement like complete a certain main mission before advancing. Speedrun itself was separated into multiple categories. There are overall, 100% achievements, quickest time to finish, etc. It all depends on what they are aiming at on speedrunning. For tips and trick on a speedrun, the writer will create it in the next article. -AMS
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