SimCity, Game Recommended by University

Arya Diputra . December 31, 2018

At a first glance, this game seems common for us. However, for University student who took a Civil Engineering degree, lecturer always recommends this game. Students that study about how the town works are always needed to install this game. Like it or not, it is one of the best simulation game ever since its establishment in 1989. While it has benefits studying through playing SimCity, recently EA Games got a blow. A lot of critics came due to the size of the city from its release in 2013. Within the size of 4-kilometer square, many players protest it and EA has no plan to expand the city. So, what it has to do with Civil Engineering when it comes to studying from SimCity?

SimCity allows you to be creative

You need to design the town elegantly or according to your creativity. There are many challenges to complete when you take a role as a mayor of the city. Constructing efficient town, understanding what people needs, every activity that is essential for people. Tri Rismaharini, or known as Miss Risma, the mayor of Surabaya, also play SimCity. "I learned a lot from SimCity. The game got me thinking about how to comprehensively build a city to achieve synergy with all the sectors involved," she said, as quoted by from 10/08/2015. Risma, who wins plenty of international awards for her work in Surabaya, however, did not specify further which SimCity version she played, but she admitted that the game was challenging enough for a woman of her age. "The game pushes me to think. For example, if there is an inappropriate development, the citizens will protest; then if I build an industrial zone in the middle of the city, people will be unhappy," she said. Through the game itself, you will learn how to make a good town. It is difficult to apply it in the real world but through this game, you can make a plan ahead. Sometimes a simulation game is a good game to play it, and every game can be a reference to apply at the real world to advance. (AMS)
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