Mammoth Tank, Masterpiece of GDI

Arya Diputra . December 05, 2018
GDI Mammoth Tank Mammoth Tank, those who have heard of this tank know its superiority. It has an ability that no tank can defeat it in head-to-head combat. Every tank that is smaller than this tank can be instantly crushed. The only thing can defeat this tank are a long-range attack, number, fast mobility, and tight defenses. Other than that, goodbye to your operations. How can this Mammoth Tank be lethal to the enemy? Let's discuss it further!

Mammoth Tank is a Masterpiece for Tank to Tank Combat

No tank has ever dared to beat this tank head on. After failure to create Mammoth Walker on Second Tiberium War, GDI or known as Global Defense Initiative decide to create a tank version. The tank later called Mammoth Tank and it becomes one of the most useful tanks in combat. Boasting heavy complement of heavy armor and superior firepower, this tank can tackle any enemy with ease. Crushing any infantry even can crush heavy infantry with ease. It was GDI's masterpiece to create such tank and when this tank appears on the battlefield, other tanks start to withdraw or else facing its might. Dealing with infantry is also easy. In Command and Conquer Rivals, it has the ability to crush any and all infantry regardless who they are. Even the epic infantry can be crushed easily.


Despite it boasts high armor and firepower, Mammoth Tank has severe setbacks. One of it it's the easiest tank to deal with when other units are retreating. Due to its very slow turn and movement speed rate, this tank cannot withstand hordes of pursuers that aim to destroy this tank. As a consequence, Mammoth Tank often left behind on the battlefield, awaiting its destruction or capture by the enemy. Siege weapons are effective against this tank since the crew takes time to get in range, effectively outrange artillery units. Nod Avatar can counter this tank due to attack range being further than Mammoth Tank. In Command and Conquer Rivals, Mammoth Tank can be easily overrun with a hit and run tactics from Orca or the Rockworm can make a surprise attack.
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