Here's What You Need To Do For Speedrun A Game

Arya Diputra . December 13, 2018
Speedrun challenge is a unique challenge. You must complete the mission as soon as possible to break the other speedrunner records. However, to become speedrunners, you must know several things to do in order to challenge yourself. Speedrunning a game is not an easy task since it was a heavy challenge for you. The writer already made an article about speedrunners, a player that challenge themselves through speedrunning a game. Here's a tip and tricks if you want to perform speedrun on a game.

Understand the pathway

Understanding the pathway means you need to remember everything. There could be secrets, easter egg, and hidden items that can help you out. For those who seek to complete all missions and achievements, you need to understand the pathway first. Explore every map to see if you can find something and later, apply it on a speedrun.

Utilize Glitch and Bugs

In some development, the developer may can't fix either glitch or bugs inside the game. Speedrunners often exploit this to ensure that they can finish it quickly. Some glitch can turn out a shortcut that will lead you to the next destination. The developer may try to fix this so when some glitch and bugs have been repaired, the records of speedrun will be automatically reset and previous becomes invalid.

Keep Your Controller in Good Shape

Your controller, be it mouse and keyboard, joystick, etc. must be in good shape for this. If there are any broken stuff, it may hinder your speedrun challenge. Of course, that means you also need to keep your console and PC regularly maintenance and up to date since who knows what happen if it got broken all of sudden.

What Challenge You Want on Speedrun

There are many categories on speedrun, 100% achievements, finish as quick as possible, finish without using shortcuts, etc. First, you may need to pick up the simplest challenge. Could be like finish the overall game, or maybe reaching a certain objective. That way, you can continue to develop your skills to perform speedrunning.

Use Timer and TAS during Speedrun

TAS or known as Tool Assist is a very handy thing when you need to speedrun a game. They can, train your sense and reflex faster than normal player do. A timer is also essential since you need to see how long you can perform on each run. Through that record, you can improve yourself to become better in the next run.

Record and Save Your Stamina

Some game may last more than an hour like DOOM. You need, however, to rest after each run you made. Also, don't forget to record every speedrun you made be it good or bad. You can use that video as a reference to make a better run. Stamina is also important since you may not be able to drink or eat when performing speedrun. So, guys and girls. Are you up for the speedrunning challenge? -AMS
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