Jun Yoshizuki, Famous of Making Video With Cat

Arya Diputra . January 07, 2019
Jun Yoshizuki is a Youtuber that went famous because of his video with his cat in Junskitchen. He, along with wife, Rachel now are on moving process to Fukuoka. He didn't forget to bring his cat, Haku, Poki, and Nagi along. Jun is not a chef, but he loves to cook since it was his hobbies. Jun often document his cooking with his pet. Why the video made by him is so famous?

Jun likes to cook with detail recipe

Jun likes to create food and drinks with details of the recipe. We can imitate his recipe by following his instructions correctly.  From Omurice, Ramen, Sushi Roll, even some complex food. Of course, we can change some recipe like pork meat with cow meat to try it out. But, there is no problem if you can try it, right?

His cat accompany him all the times

When Jun make a video about cooking, his cat always accompanies him. Haku and Nagi often accompany Jun on cooking video. However, for Poki, both Jun and Rachel have to keep him out every time they want to make a cooking video. The reason is simple, Poki is not well-trained enough to smell the food. Unless it was vegetables only, Poki will try to steal any ingredients especially meat and fish meat.

Haku, Nagi, and Poki

Jun and Rachel have three pet, Haku, Nagi, and Poki. These three cats are living together with their owner for at least one year. Jun often brings Haku and Nagi to take a walk, be it to the park or somewhere else. This trigger the question by the fans on how Jun train them (Except for Poki). Haku and Nagi are seen not interested in the food offered by Jun (unless he made the food for them like sushi for cats). Haku is the cat that often takes upon a journey, mostly to a supermarket with Jun to buy ingredients. Meanwhile, for Nagi, Jun and Rachel sometimes take them out to walk together. However, for Poki, since he's a street cat, he needs to receive more training.

Owning Four Channel, Jun Yoshizuki, Junskitchen, Rachel and Jun, and Rachel and Jun's Adventure!

Jun, along with his wife Rachel owns four channel on Youtube. For Jun Yoshizuki, he mainly makes a video about food preparations. His main channel mainly goes at JunsKitchen while if you want to see video log, you can visit Rachel and Jun, and Rachel and Jun's Adventures. So, why are you guys interested in visiting their channel? Let us know about it.
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