The President of Honor James Yang, “They copying us” . November 16, 2018
That was said by The President of Honor Indonesia James Yang while speaking at the press conference after the launch of Honor 8X. At the same day, Xiaomi has launched two of their products, the Redmi Note 6 Pro and Mi 8 Lite, which specs and prices potentially competing with Honor 8X. According to James Yang, they decided the Honor 8X product launch date since last month. They distributed the invitation starting two weeks ago. Responding to this, President of Honor Indonesia, James Yang admitted that he only found out last Thursday if Xioami would launch a product on the same day with the launch of Honor 8X in Indonesia. James said in the press conference that he got upset with the colliding schedule. Because of that, the Honor 8X launch event was two hours delayed from the original schedule, because they were waiting for invitations and media who were still on the Xioami launch event to arrive. "They copy us," said James Yang.

Their strategy

Before that, James Yang also said the advantages of Honor 8X compared to the Redmi Note 6 Pro. He called Chip-on-Film (Cof) technology as one of them. Honor also boasted that as a newcomer, they were fairly successful. Counting from the brand awareness that claimed to be rising 23 percent from 20 percent up to 43 percent during the period January to September 2018. When asked for the Honor strategy to defeat a longer-time competitor in Indonesia, James said if those who arrive early are not necessarily better. "We have a very high confidence. Honor gives a better experience. We are here not to compete with Xiaomi. We don't have any advantages. But still, don't play a dirty game," he said. In addition to products, Honor said communication strategies to consumers also helped boost the fame of Honor products. Honor also claims 100 percent growth in Indonesia every month.
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