Sweatcoin, App That Pays You to Get Fit

Fahad Mulyana . January 21, 2019
Teknologi.id - Finding motivation to stay fit is the struggle of everyone in the world. But what if you get paid to exercise and stay fit? That's the idea behind Sweatcoin, a free application that turns every step you make into digital currency. Related image

Pay for You to Get Fit

You can now get cryptocurrency just by exercising. This new application called Sweatcoin promises to fill your digital wallet! This application is connected to the GPS location, as well as your health and fitness data. Then track the daily steps that you do every day. This application pays 0.95 sweatcoins users for every 1,000 steps you do outdoors. This digital currency can be exchanged for various fitness devices, coupons, special gym classes, and iPhones. With 20,000 sweatcoins or more than 21 million steps, you can exchange them for the iPhone X! Very interesting isn't it? Surely this will further increase the quality of life of its users! Besides being able to live healthier, users will also get the prizes they want. Of course, it requires time and distance that is not close, but all of this is the goal of the maker to raise the quality of life of the community to be healthier. And this application works if and only you walk outside the room, your steps will not be counted even though running back and forth the room.

Grand Plan Sweatcoin

This company indeed began as a health application, but its future lies in the world of cryptocurrency, according to its founders. "Many people describe us as cool, funky, gamey applications. Maybe that is so, but this is only a stepping stone, its main vision is currency," Derlyatka said. In January, the company earned $ 5.7 million in funding to help finance its plan, enabling it to double its number of employees to 20. Fomenko and Derlyatka want to expand their scope globally and develop technology to enable people to trade in sweat, such as bitcoin and currencies other digital. The founders even hoped that one-day people would pay taxes with sweatcoins. "We are a very powerful tool for the government and the health care system to motivate people to be more active and as a result save more money," Derlyatka said. Imagine a world where you can use fitness to pay for the things you want! Yup! this can become a reality soon in the future. Source: NowThis , CNN. (FM)
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