Military Must Not Rely Entirely on Technology

Arya Diputra . December 28, 2018
Military technology continues to expand. However, relying themself entirely on technology has its own setback. Not only they can't do anything if something happens, but, it will also make them unable to survive. The military must rely on every method they can to adjust themself to the battlefield. Sometimes using ancient technology such as a sword, spear, or even bow and arrow is the best weapon rather than gunfire. So why the military must not rely too much on technology.

The military must adapt themself to the battlefield

The army can use technology to locate the enemy. However, when the satellite is down, or the field was inaccessible due to EMP, they have to rely on primitive methods. They have to track down the location using a map and whatever they have in their backpack. When they are in the forest, they also need to find a way to conceal themself, especially in enemy territory. The ancient weapon works more efficiently here since it blends with nature. Spike traps, wood log, anything that use during the ancient or medieval war is really handy in the forest. Sometimes it can catch us off-guard when we least expect it.

Thinking of every scenario

EMP strike could immobilize the entire modern military operations. The benefits are, for those who can adapt it to the medieval era. It is possible where we will run out of material to create guns and ammunition. As such, medieval technology can put to use again. When it comes to warfare, every scenario must be put into consideration. The enemy could use arrows since they are undetected due to soundproof. They could ambush you because of an unexpected trap. Any scenario is possible as long as it can achieve their objective. Any kind of methods may change their way of thinking forever. US Army during World War II applies the doctrine of "Shoot first, ask later." when dealing with Japanese soldier due to Kamikaze doctrine. Every scenario must put into consideration as the soldiers must aware of the change in technology. Always thinking of the very worst case scenario is the best way to do. Soldiers also need to train themself so they can adapt to every possible method of fighting. (AMS)
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