Liftware, The Spoon that Will Never be Spilled

Fahad Mulyana . January 08, 2019
For people who suffer from Parkinson's disease, eating is a difficult thing to do. Their hands will always vibrate when feeding something to their mouth, so food often falls. However, a company from San Francisco has created a solution to this problem, named 'Liftware'. Liftware is a stabilizer handle that can be used as a soup spoon, tablespoon, and fork. Liftware is specifically designed to improve the lives of Essential Tremor sufferers, Parkinson's Disease, or other movement disorders. This smart spoon will help stabilize tremor in parkinsonism. Even though this spoon vibrates, turns, tilts, or even reverses, this spoon will remain in the position where the food it carries does not fall. So that sufferers of tremor and Parkinson's disease can eat food voraciously independently. Related image This smart spoon has an embedded computer that will take motion signals detected by tremor sensors. Then, this spoon will fight vibration by moving in the opposite direction. The test results show that this spoon can reduce up to 70% tremor. There are 2 variants provided, namely Steady and Liftware. The steady level is intended for people with tremors with lower severity. Where sufferers can still grasp the spoon and deliver it to their mouth in an independent manner. While Liftware Level is used for sufferers who can't even hold a spoon at all. This tool is able to bend the handle by itself and adjust the spoon movement with the mouth position.
Liftware is powered by a battery that can be charged, with an endurance of 1-hour usage. For 1 set, this sophisticated spoon is priced at USD 295. But all of that is proportional to the function that will be obtained. Now tremor sufferers can eat with the family in the restaurant independently. (FM)
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