LG Patents a Smartphone with 16 Rear Camera Sensors

Adi Arriansyah . November 27, 2018
Teknologi.id - Smartphone with two or more rear cameras are already quite widespread, but with its newly granted patent, LG is dreaming of something much more ambitious. This is because even though LG already has a V40 camera in five, the company can watch more than three times as many as 16. Unlike most multiple-camera systems, which offered different types of camera lenses for different effects on the same shot, the goal of the multiple cameras seems to be to offer different angles on a scene using the perspective of the different lenses. LG’s patent also describes combining the different camera angles to create a miniature film, sort of like a superpowered version of things like Apple’s Live Photos or Lytro’s adjustable light field images.

Position of 16 camera sensors on LG patent. Credit: LetsGoDigital
The patent also claims that it’d be able to use the different datasets from the different lenses to cut out things from the image (say, for things like portrait mode or even replacing a background entirely). Of course, for now, this is just a patent, with no indication that LG is actually planning to put this into a phone. But with the ever-escalating battle to push phone cameras to the limit, it may only be a matter of time until the hexadecimal camera is a reality. (DWK)
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