What Would Happen If Earth Had Two Moons?

Fahad Mulyana . January 07, 2019
Apa yang Terjadi Seandainya Bumi Memiliki Dua Bulan?Teknologi.id - A city in China plans to launch an artificial moon into orbit by 2020. As a way to reduce energy use, which replaces light at night to moonlight. Indeed it is a very brilliant idea to save energy, but what happens if the Earth had two moons? The reality will not be as beautiful as it seems. Just imagine there is a moon that passes around the Earth, and is trapped by Earth's gravity. Then the Moon begins to orbit with the location between the Moon and Earth, so that our planet, Earth had two moons. Apa yang Terjadi Seandainya Bumi Memiliki Dua Bulan? As we have seen, the moon has an influence on the tides. The height of the waves is generally only a few hundred centimeters. So if the earth had two moons, the result will be to strengthen the effects of the tides up to 6x than before. So, it causes many low places to be filled with sea water. In fact, islands and cities like New York, London, and Singapore will disappear from the face of the earth. However, all problems will not only occur on earth. In space, the second moon that lies between our earth and our original moon will be drawn by 2 gravity from different sources, namely the earth and the first moon. This causes a change in shape on the surface of the moon which triggers a very intense volcanic activity. So that's surface will be filled with boiling lava, similar to IO, one of Jupiter's moons. However, that's not the only problem. The moon moves away 3 centimeters per year from the earth, which causes the earth's rotation to slow down by 1 second every 40,000 years. This slowdown is caused by the smaller attraction of the moon, because the location is getting away. But if there are 2 moons orbiting, the rotation of the earth will actually slow down. Even in the next few million years, the Earth's rotation time even increases to 28 hours a day.

The two moons will experience collisions

And the worst part is that as time goes by, these two moons will attract each other which causes collisions and destroys both. From the earth we will see a bright red sky, all this due to the core overflow of the moon. The collision part will be attracted by the earth gravity, and will even fall to earth surfaces. Causing a very terrible disaster on earth, it can even destroy almost all living things. Or, these fragments will surround the earth because of gravity, like a ring on the planet Saturn. Later, it will reshape a new moon someday. (FM)
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