How to Update Your iPhone or iPad to iOS 12 . September 18, 2018

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Apple has released the stable version of its latest OS update iOS 12 for iPhone/iPad and iPod as announced in the ‘Gather Round’ event held last week. In the event, Apple also showcased its upcoming iPhones named iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr along with a freshly designed Apple Watch Series 4. The arrival of iOS 12 for countless numbers of iPhones and iPads is a real win-win for all users. Especially with consumers who have older iPhones, as this year's big update brings performance improvements across the board. Apple will begin seeding iOS 12 on Monday, Sept. 17 for all eligible devices. You can upgrade your iOS device via an over-the-air update or through iTunes on a Mac or PC. But we're here to guide you through the process and most importantly to remind you to back up beforehand. First things first, you'll want to back up your iOS device through an iCloud or iTunes backup. Either way is pretty simple. I am personally a fan of iCloud Backups as it automatically happens when connected to WiFi once a day, but the storage question always comes up. You'll need to make sure you have enough space, so if it is limited an iTunes back up will make do. Just plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer, select back up this device when it appears in iTunes.

iOS 12 Compatibility: Will my device run it?

On the compatibility front, Apple has managed to make iOS 12 compatible with some of the oldest devices including iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2, iPad Air 1, and even iPod Touch. Basically, if you are running iOS 11 on your device, you will receive the iOS 12 update. Here is a complete list of all the iOS 12 compatible devices:
iOS 12 compatible devices
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How To Update Your Device To iOS 12?

If you are planning to update your device to iOS 12, then the first and foremost step towards it is taking a backup of your data stored in the device.

Backup Your Data

You can take backup your iPhone/iPad easily using iCloud. Follow the below-given steps:
  •  Go to the Settings app and tap on your name appearing below the search tab.

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  • Click on iCloud and then scroll then and tap on iCloud Backup option.

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  • Click on ‘Back Up Now’ to initiate the backup process.

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After you have created a backup, the next step is to free up some space in your device for the new iOS. iOS 12 is 2.77 GB in size, so you need to clear up memory accordingly.

Download & Installation

  • Fire up ‘Settings’ and go to General > Software Update.

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  • iOS will check whether the update is available or not and then you will be prompted to download and install iOS 12.
  • Click on the download and install button and the iOS 12 will start downloading. You require a working Wi-fi connection and battery above 50% to start the process.

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  • Once you have downloaded the iOS 12 in your device, click on ‘Install and Agree with Apple’s Terms and Conditions’ to begin the installation process.
  • Your device will start and the update will be installed.

Enjoy iOS 12

You're done! The upgrade process is not too bad for iOS devices. Plus, you now have access to the latest and greatest. You can enjoy some redesigned experiences, Memojis, Screen Time, the Measure app, and more. You Might Also Like: Let’s See The Milestones Tim Cook Boasted About at The 2018 Apple Event.
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