How to Create Cartoon Video for Education Step-by-step . December 20, 2021 - Cartoon videos are the most popular thing in the children of every age group as cartoons are the best way of catching their attention. It was once believed that cartoons are only for children but now cartoons have become so powerful that schools have started using cartoons for educating children as well as teenagers. 

The first thing that is needed to focus on while creating an animated video is to have good characters and this can be done by using different tools. The cartoon characters must be so powerful that it creates a strong impact on the students and the lesson of the video would always be everlasting. 

Free Cartoon Maker - Doratoon

Searching for a tool that will help you in creating video animation or free cartoon maker without going from one website to the other then the easiest way is to head towards 'Doratoon'. It is the best website that provides all the guidelines to the freshers and then makes them learn about the techniques that are used by the pro video creators. 

All the steps and techniques on the Doratoon are so easy and understanding that a person will learn everything in just a few minutes. Not just the easiness of this website it is also famous because of its comfortable features and easy-to-follow guideline techniques.

A user can also learn about different templates which are available at Doratoon. Not only 10 or 20 or 30 templates, rather a user can enjoy hundreds of ready-made templates which provide easy working to the user. 

All the templates are easy to use and the process is very friendly as nobody gets frustrated and tired because of it. People belonging to education, business, and professional fields get assistance from Doratoon for the animation videos and to make animated products.

Important Features of Doratoon

Doratoon provides different facilities to the free cartoon maker so that they can work in a better environment. Different features that are specifically present on the official website of Doratoon for the animation video creators are given below:

  • Storage

Along with all the amazing features of free video maker Doratoon also provides storage facilities to its users. Now a user can save sufficient capacity of videos on Doratoon rather than saving them on different devices. 

If the videos are about 500 MB, Doratoon can easily save them. It is important to mention that the storage facility is available to the users without any fee online.

  • Re-Editing

A user can watch different videos which are present on the official website of Doratoon along with the editing and re-editing feature. The re-editing feature provides a better option to the users to make different beneficial changes during working on a video. 

The deficiency and the mistake are easy to correct so that the end product would be better and errorless.

  • Page addition/deletion

The website facilitates its users in different options by adding and deleting different pages. In the process of video making, a user has the facility to work on the pages so that a captivating result would be created. 

A user can also enjoy the transition option in the video-making process. The transition effects are specifically for the cartoon animation as this feature enhances the result and creativity of the video.

  • Video Presentation

If a person wants the video to be in a vertical format or another wants a video in the horizontal format then both of the facilities are available at Doratoon. As it is the choice of the user about the pattern and the format of the video according to their requirement. 

Experts always suggest that animated videos presentation must be in the horizontal format while if the video is specially created for social media sites then a vertical format would be best.

How to make cartoon videos?

People have become so much attracted to free animation videos that they started searching for different ways to learn how to create an animated video. If you are searching for a free cartoon maker or want to learn about how to make cartoon videos then we are here to assist you. 

The first thing that a person needs to do is to study the features of Doratoon if you want to use this platform for designing. A complete guideline about how you can easily learn about free cartoon maker are explained here:

Step 1:

First, a person needs to head towards the Doratoon official website and sign up for the account.

Step 2:

Select the option of 'workbench' at the upper part of the screen and head towards the section name 'editor'.

Step 3:

Select the option of 'create a new video' and after that, the system will ask you to set the style of the video. After selecting the style the website will again direct you to the editor section.

Step 4:

A user needs to add different characters, text, templates, and scenes in the video. Now you can export your video in MP4 format.

These are the easiest and best steps to learn about how to make animated videos. The videos which the user creates are like a professional video editor as the website works on artificial intelligence and provides all the necessary things to the video automatically.

Ending Remarks

Animation online has got popularity due to the support it has gained from the business and educational fields. Doratoon provides you with the best facilities to create cartoon videos using simple steps like a professional one. 

The website offers different templates and characters which are ready-made and provide a helping hand to the creator. All these tools in animation are so unique that it helps you to enhance the business and learn more and more about the features of this website.

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