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Arya Diputra . December 14, 2018
Supercell, a developer company from Finland turns out has not done yet with the game. Not satisfy with Clash of Clans and Clash Royale that turns into a big hit, they decide to create Brawl Stars. Although not yet to release worldwide, some of the Supercell fans around the globe are looking forward to playing this game when it went worldwide. Currently, the game was only available at Canada due to the game is still on a soft launch phase. The game that focuses on 3v3 match top-down shooter game will provide a player a unique challenge. Upgrading your brawlers will take some time since some requirements must be fulfilled to do so.

Brawl Stars is Separated into Four Modes

There are at least four modes that were avaiable inside Brawl Stars right now. Some update will come in the future, three of four are 3v3 modes while the last one is Battle Royale. Let's see what the modes offered at this game.


In this heist mode, there are two teams battling. Defenders must protect the safe that full of crystals while attacker must steal the crystal no matter what happens. If there are no crystal taken then victory belongs to the defender, however, if there are crystal stolen, victory belongs to the attacker. Defender and attacker will try to formulate a strategy to see if they can outwit each other. This match only lasts for two and a half minutes. The match could end early if the attacker able to take it before time runs out.

Smash and Grab

In this smash and grab, you need to seize at least 10 crystal and defend it for 16 seconds. If you die then the crystal will scatter and the timer will reset again. Both teams try to defend it as long as they could when a team manages to reach 10 crystal and defend it in 16 seconds, they are the winner.


In this mode, a player in a team must collect as many stars as possible. Opponents will try to ruin your progress by beating you up for sure. The team that holds most of the stars until the end of the time is the winner of the match.


This is the only mode that doesn't feature 3v3 battle. The rule is simple, survive as long as you can and make yourself last man standing. The longer you survive, the better rewards you can get. Remember, once you are defeated, you cannot respawn. Look for any opponent and see if the environment can support you. This was to increase your survival rate and try to pick them off one by one until you are the winner. Do you have it takes to play this game? I want to hear your opinion for sure. -AMS  
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