Learning and Understanding Ready Player One

Arya Diputra . January 02, 2019

Ready Player One
Gamer still remembers the movie of Ready Player One. They watch on how this can be a lesson to them. Of course, we can see how the movie made by Steven Spielberg are able to get blessings from famous developers. Blizzard Entertainment, Epic Games, Bungie, 343 Industries and other famous game developer bless this movie. Why does it happen? This movie shows from the perspective of gamers that tries to solve the Easter Egg mystery that was hidden by James Halliday. Of course, for all of us who play as gamers, work hard to solve that mystery and find that Easter Egg its part of the our job as a gamer. Let's talk about what we can learn from Ready Player One.

Ready Player One Introduce the Application of VR and AR

Ready Player One VR and AR tech
This movie introduces on how Virtual Reality or known as VR and Augmented Reality, or known as AR are together. Aside from that, we can explore the game that was known as OASIS. This technology allows us to experience how we explore the digital world without looking at the monitor in front of you. The companies also judge that they will pay anyone to surf inside that game. This because the technology allows us to work wherever we want. Be it a simulation, role-playing games, shooting, or even any kind of games, they will pay us in the future. Right now, the world is still studying about this game. However, there are a lot of potentials that we can get through the game and among of it are E-Sports or known as Electronic Sports.

Become Whoever You Want

Ready Player One
Do you want to be Cobra Commander from GI Joe, or maybe Edward Buck from Halo? In this movie, you can see that becoming anyone is possible. You can change your gender, appearance, anyone you want to represent yourself inside the game. From the movie itself, we can see many players express themself by becoming a character they want. Some are simple while some are more complex. In the real world, they may appear different. In the virtual world, however, they can become what they want.

Microtransaction Technology

Microtransaction becomes popular in this movie. People are often using the microtransaction known as Real Money Trading or RMT to purchase things inside the game. They can get it to be it from other players or maybe from the official vendor itself. In fact, we can earn and lose money from playing OASIS game itself. IOI Company on this movie is able to earn thanks to advancing the technology. The technology alone contributes to the company which makes them able to recruit thousands of gamers to work for the company. Some developer went against this. Some, however, utilize it to earn more income. Steam, a publisher made by Valve, for example, allows a player to perform microtransaction and RMT through auction. This method allows Valve to earn a cut from the in-game item sold from player to other players. This alone unlocks the business potential itself. While Valve's method is already reasonable, it gives us more opportunity to earn money through business inside the game. Furthermore, we can learn how to earn cash through quest or events that can give us rewards.

Technology Learning

Military or even civilians, they can learn from this movie. Not only they can perform simulation, but the technology used for this movie also allows us to make things more efficient. Military, for example, can conserve the ammo and prevent collateral or environment damage by doing war games through VR and AR games. They can also make a simulation with many possibilities on the battlefield. This, of course, also includes the civilians like doctor, police, businessman, etc. Utilizing VR and AR technology, the doctor can perform surgery simulation without using actual bodies. The businessman also can learn how to do business and how to expand. Not only civilians, but the government and world organization can also learn from this technology. Maybe we can watch live the general assembly at United Nations through a game. We can also help the government by making a simulation to design the town. All potentials exist, but, some of us never be able to dig in deeper than that. Never judge the book by it's cover. From this movie itself, what have you learn? AMS
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