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Rade Tampubolon
November 19, 2020

SociaBuzz, a Platform to Empower the Passion Economy in Indonesia

So what is “Passion Economy”?

To get a better understanding of it, read this piece by Li Jin from Andreessen Horowitz.

In a nutshell, it’s an era where more and more people can make a living out of their passion, unique skills, talent & creativity. Made possible by the internet and technology.

Some might ask, what’s the difference between passion economy vs gig economy?

This image explains it well.

We at SociaBuzz is a big believer of both the gig economy and passion economy.

It is definitely the future of work. And that future is already happening.

More and more people prefer to work on their own.

Do the things they love to do.

Set their own schedule.

Be their own boss.

Especially if we look at the younger and upcoming generation, maybe a full-time 9 to 5 job will not make sense to them anymore.

They would rather be a YouTuber, or a travel blogger exploring the world and make a living from brand endorsements.

Because when people are given the option to make a living out of their passion, every other money-making opportunity that is not in their “passion zone” will be overlooked.

So that’s the reason why we’re building SociaBuzz.

So what is SociaBuzz?

We’re a marketplace connecting buyers (people looking for talents & creative services) and sellers (creative talents & service providers).

Not just that, we’re kind of a Software as a Service (SaaS) for the creative talents. And also kind of a network, that provides profiles that project the identity/individuality of the creative talents.

NFX call this kind of thing a “market network”.

As a Marketplace

We connect buyers and sellers.

The buyers are people or businesses that are looking for talents & creative services, such as: influencers, writers, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, musicians, models, MC, and even video shoutouts from celebrities.

The sellers are the creative talents & service providers.

As a Saas

We have a feature that creative talents can use in a single-player mode.

- SociaBuzz Tribe (similar to Patreon, creators & talents can get financial support from their fans & audience)

As a Network

Any creative talents can sign up for free at SociaBuzz Pro and create their online profile & portfolio. Here’s an example.

Indonesia’s Passion Economy Platform

With full-stack product features as mentioned above, we hope to bring massive value to creative talents, where they can utilize the feature that suits them best in order to monetize their passion.

They can be discovered in the SociaBuzz marketplace by potential customers.

They can get financial support from their fans and audience by using SociaBuzz Tribe.

They can make their fans happy by making it possible for their fans to book personal video shoutouts (similar to

And more to come…

Our why

Our mission and vision has always been the guiding principle of what we do and what we build in SociaBuzz.

SociaBuzz Mission: To empower talent & creativity for a better life

SociaBuzz Vision: To be the best place where talents, businesses & people can achieve more together

It’s still day one for us in empowering the passion economy in Indonesia.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

So if you believe in our mission, and would like to partner, work with us, or invest, feel free to reach us at

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